Norse mythology is filled with stories about badass deities and their remarkable feats, but there is one goddess in particular that just takes the cake - Freya

Who is Freya?

This goddess represents all that is feminine - love, beauty, and fertility. But yet she possesses a dark side to her as well. The deity also happens to be the symbol of war, death, and pure sexual energy. Like with many other goddesses associated with love, she is depicted as extremely beautiful. You can find the deity described wearing the necklace of Brísingamen around her neck and a cloak made from falcon feathers, while riding a chariot pulled by cats. 

Many know and call Freya “The goddess of love” due to the important role she plays in matters of romance, fertility, and marriage, but she also has a very important and far from romantic duty - she rules her part of the heavenly field of Fólkvangr, where she welcomes half of those who have died in battle. 

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Freya - Family tree & Other names

The goddess is the proud daughter of the principal god of Vanir Njord, which makes her a member of the Aesir gods. Her mother is actually unknown, but many texts state that Freya is also the daughter of Nerthus, the goddess of fertility. And as you’ve probably guessed it by her name, Freyr, the god of sunshine and prosperity, is her brother. 

The goddess is married to the ever-missing Odr and has two daughters - Hnoss and Gersemi.

As with many other Nors gods, Freya has a long list of other names including:

  • Gefn
  • Horn
  • Mardoll
  • Skjalf
  • Syr
  • Throng
  • Thrungva
  • Valfrejya 
  • Vanadis

All of the above-listed names originate from Swiss and ancient Nordic languages and are associated mainly with fertility.

What does Freya represent? 

As we mentioned earlier, Freya has a very interesting reputation. Due to her love for the material and we can even say “aesthetically pleasing” part of life, the goddess is considered as a force to be dealt with, in the positive meaning of the phrase. Freya is elegant, beautiful, gentle, and kind, making her very popular amongst people. There is a “You only live once.” aspect to her character, especially in terms of sexuality. You can even say that there is an element of low-key feminism in the goddess’s story. 


Freya is definitely not a very popular goddess, especially if you compare her to deities like Thor and Odin. Still, she has done her share of good deeds and is a well-loved figure in Nordic mythology. Freya combines and balances very contrasting qualities, which makes her a very interesting deity to read and learn about. At the end of the day, if we can describe her with one single word, it would definitely be “noble”.

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